Robert T. Sears, SJ &
Albert J. Fritsch, SJ

Second edition of a 1994 book of
the same name with new foreword
and appendices.  This electronic
work introduces readers to the
concept of Resurrection-Centered
Spirituality in contrast to that of a
more limited "Creation-Centered"
approach.  2011.

ISBN 978-0-9846448-3-0
Brassica Books was started by
the late environmentalist Mary
Byrd Davis, whose mission was to
further global sustainability by
making thought- and action
-provoking environmental writings
available to the public through
electronic media.  The writings  
presented here include "works in
progress," while specific issues
are being solicited from various
writers in order to initiate formal
dialog on major twenty-first
century environmental topics.  
Selections currently being
introduced by Al Fritsch, SJ are
available here for preview.
Preview these titles for thought- provoking
environmental perspectives

by Albert J. Fritsch, SJ
Kindle Edition
Challenging an Enlightened
Church to Act

by Albert J. Fritsch, SJ
by Albert J. Fritsch, SJ
Kindle Edition
"The Latchstring is Out" refers to a leather string hanging out a log cabin doorhole, which welcomes strangers by allowing them to enter. This autobiography is a selected theme appropriate to the particular year of my life arranged by early years, higher education and beginnings of work, major public interest work, and related experiences from my (hopefully) accumulated wisdom.

A survey of all aspects of the global
commons (air, water, land, culture,
access to health care,
communications, silent space,
movement of goods, and
movement of people) along with
the principles needed to initiate a
concerted global reclamation

ISBN 978-0-9846448-5-8
Jesus Christ Activist is meant to inspire those who are followers or who deeply admire the life of Jesus Christ. By reviewing the story of Jesus we get a different impression of his mission: Jesus aggressively establishes the Kingdom of God and invites us to help save our wounded Earth from an outdated and unsustainable political/economic System.
© 2011 Mark Spencer
Ethnic Atlas
of the United States:
National Maps 1980 - 2020

by Albert J. Fritsch, SJ, Janet Kalisz,
Mark Spencer
Kindle Edition

This work follows the last five federal decennial Censuses, and the challenging puzzle to describe the changing face of ethnic America over time; truly a social, ecological, cultural and environmental issue worth pursuing. This book also contains five key-colored national maps, showing ethnic pluralities of every county of the U.S. using data culled from the last five Censuses.
The author's personal
experience over eight decades
with guns and gun culture.  
Seriously examines the
so-called security of guns and
gun policy in American society.  
Brassica Books 2014.

ISBN 978-0-9846448-6-5
GUNS: Giving Us
Negative Security

Albert J. Fritsch, SJ

Healing Earth reveals the urgency
of the climate change crisis and
how a collaboration of all
concerned citizens, from a wide
variety of backgrounds, is
necessary to win the struggle to
save our endangered Earth.

ISBN 978-0-9846448-8-9

Albert J. Fritsch, SJ
Paperback & Kindle

These poems are seasonal in flavor, but no general summary is adequate, for this collection spans over six-decades and involves a variety of moods throughout my environmental work. Each poem's motivation is unique, for most were composed in the moment, according to my fancy of poetic expression. All were, to some degree, inspired - and I hope they may trigger in readers a worthwhile insight to share with others. Ultimately, the hope is that you will grow at all times and seasons into becoming an effective Earthhealer -- and that "Words through the Seasons" will help you in that journey.
Words through the Seasons

Albert J. Fritsch, SJ