Brassica Books was started by
noted environmentalist, Mary Byrd
Davis, as part of EcoPerspectives, a
project of Earth Island Institute. The
project's mission was to further global
sustainability by making thought- and
action-provoking environmental
writings available to the public through
electronic media.  Due to Mary's
untimely death in February, 2011,
Brassica Books is continuing this
mission at London, Kentucky under
new direction. The writings available
here now include "works in progress,"
while specific issues are being
solicited from various environmental
writers in order to initiate formal dialog
on major twenty-first century
environmental topics.  
About Us:
Mary Byrd Davis

Dr. Mary Byrd Davis passed away on Feb. 11, 2011.  The daughter of the late
John D. and Joanna F. Byrd, she was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1936.

Her family moved to Florida in 1947. Mary was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of
Agnes Scott College and earned Masters and Doctoral degrees in English at
the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters in Library Science at
Simmons College.  After several years as a college librarian, she worked for
30 years as a free-lance writer and editor, publishing several books and
articles on English literature and on environmental issues, and was active in
various peace and environmental organizations and activities.

Her books include: Eastern Old-Growth Forests: Prospects For Rediscovery
And Recovery; Weapons of Mass Destruction (Library in a Book); James
Elroy Flecker: A Critical Study; and writings on the Nuclear Industry in France.

Her principal occupations, however, were wife, mother, and grandmother.

She offered ceaseless and effective encouragement to her children and
grandchildren to realize their potential academically and personally.  She
leaves her husband Bob, her son John, her daughter Carol, their spouses,
her grandsons, Samuel and Matthew; her sister Joan and her brother Frank
and their spouses and brothers-in-law William and Richard Davis and their
© 2011 Mark Spencer
In memory of Mary Byrd Davis                                                (photo by Paul Atkinson)